Back pain

The reason for my visit was a strange nagging pain in the lower back that was disrupting my sleep. The sessions with Patrick were so relaxing and enjoyable, I told myself that this was worthwhile in itself, and that any actual relief would be a bonus (a way of managing my expectations, I suppose). Remarkably, though, my back pain was entirely relieved after 2 appointments – completely gone! From the start, Patrick was keen to get to the bottom of my issue and, by asking me lots of questions, made various connections that just wouldn’t have occurred to me. He is also friendly, which helped, I’m sure!

Andrew, 34

Well being maintenance

Patrick’s acupuncture service is terrific. I am impressed by the quality of treatments he offers to his patients. He is knowledgeable, kind, attentive, and respectful. My partner and I love receiving his treatments in his cosy and relaxing clinic.

Carina, 32

I found Patrick kind and courteous. The treatment helped.

David, 60

Arthritic hand pain

I have had treatment for painful arthritis in my fingers, which was painless and helpful. I am very grateful.

Liz, 72

Knee pain

I have had knee problems for over 6 months. After a few sessions with Patrick I felt a marked improvement straight away and over time complete relief from the pain…

Sonny, 74


I went to see Patrick Thamotheram for severe osteoarthritic pain in my knee joints. After seeing Patrick for 3 sessions, my quality of walking improved with a noticeable reduction in pain and discomfort. In the past, I was very sceptical about acupuncture and frightened of its use of needles in the treatment. After the first session, I did not have any fear of needles because of Patrick’s excellent skills in using them. He is very knowledgeable about what he does. He treated me with care and sensitivity. He explained every step of the treatment and its benefits that made me feel that I was in the capable hands of a highly efficient professional…..

Sibani, 72


Even before the treatment started Patrick made me feel calm and relaxed. As it was my first experience of acupuncture he really took the time to explain everything and make me feel comfortable. On top of all that, having gone to see Patrick specifically for fertility treatment, I was really delighted to be able to share some happy news with him!

We went for an early scan last week and all is well, all where it should be and nice strong little heart beat….

Jessica, 38


The cervicogenic headache stopped an hour after I did the treatment and I haven’t had another one since then. That was very good.

Martina, 35

Hip pain

Despite being something of a sceptic I took a friend’s advice and went for treatment for a painful thigh to Patrick Thamotheram at the CHAIM CENTRE by Willesden Tube Station and want to recommend him warmly. He is thorough, patient, caring – and undoubtedly brought me relief.

Guy, 79

Insomnia and muscle pain

I have joined Patrick’s acupuncture sessions after experiencing elevated levels of insomnia & muscle pain. Patrick was highly capable, knowledgeable, and comforting as from my first session. Not only has he a very caring and gentle appearance, but his expertise in acupuncture is also second to none. I felt at ease throughout my sessions with him and felt comforting results early on. Patrick is never in a rush, takes his time to listen to everyone’s worries and then works his magic to set his patients up for success. Thanks to him, I have been able to have a better sleep hygiene and my muscular problems have vanished. I can recommend Patrick unconditionally.

Philip, 42

Back pain

Patrick is a real healer – his acupuncture is brilliant and accurate and carried out very methodically.    But there is much more to his treatments than just putting the needles in the right places.

He is gentle and very sympathetic and before one needle has gone in, you feel better.   

It was Patrick who prompted me to get an accurate diagnosis of my back pain saying there was something pressing on my sciatic nerve and I needed to get a scan which revealed spinal stenosis – a very nasty condition where the spinal column narrows, thereby elongating the spine itself which then presses on the sciatic nerve and causes enormous pain.

So I am extremely grateful to him and can heartily recommend him.

Linda, 72